Celebration of Latinx Literature at the Annual Social Studies Conference

On December 2, 2022 the Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs sponsored a panel, Celebrate Latinx Literature in the Social Studies Classroom featuring the authors of the 2022 Américas Award, David Bowles (My Two Border Towns) and Gloria Amescua (Child of the Flower-Song People) at the annual National Council for the Social Studies conference (NCSS) in Philadelphia, PA. The panel was moderated by Dr. Cristina Rhodes, a member of the Américas Award Review Committee. Social Studies educators from across the country heard directly from the authors and the personal stories behind their writing. In addition, educators got to learn more about the importance of the Américas Award in the Social Studies classroom. In addition to the panel, CLASP sponsored an exhibitor booth in International Alley at the conference engaging over 300 K-12 educators in conversations about how to introduce Latin American Studies courses at the K-12 level. We are excited to continue our work with educators at future conferences.

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